👋Welcome to MollyBOT

Molly Bot is the sum total of intricately woven Web of several features that are built for the sole purpose of trade profit making and protecting traders' position, therefore being the most advanced algorithmic trading bot with fastest speed and most simple UI.


Below are some notable features of the Molly Bot.

  • Unlimited Wallet Creation Users have the opportunity to create as many multi-chain wallet as possible. This is a feature we have taken from the popular Meta Mask wallet. Currently Molly Bot supports the following chains: ETH, BSC, ARB and BASE.

  • Copy Trade Users are able to take their trading earnings to another level by making use of the "Copy Trade" feature of the Molly Bot. Target wallet's trading activities of a specified contract address will be copied by your Molly Bot wallet connected.

  • Sniper Take advantage of the Molly Bot Sniper feature and be one of the very first buyers of token presales launch, as our sniper boasts being able to snipe tokens at about 0.5 seconds of pool open. It is highly efficient with Presales and launches on the following chains: ETH, BSC, ARB and BASE.

  • Portfolio Tracker No longer the need for connecting to a Dex, tracking your assets has been made super easy. with Molly Bot, you have all you need right within your telegram account. Users can easily see all tokens that they hold in a particular Molly Bot wallet, on the available different chains.

Unlike humans though, AI powered Molly Sniper cannot get exhausted or stressed, reducing the error ratio in task performance. Let Molly Sniper handle your trading needs while you sleep or have fun, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in trade profit making.

Kindly test Molly Trading Bot and give your feedback, to prepare us better for the final release. Molly Trading Bot | Buy $MOLLY | Chart

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