Use the following commands to start the bot, retrieve language options, or solving error codes that may arise during trades or bot usage.

You may have to restart the process once a /cancel command is used to fix the bot operation.

/start Start interacting with the Molly Trading Bot

/language Choose from the various languages, your preferred language in which you wish to interact with the Molly Trading Bot.

/about Get information about the Bot.

/cancel_Copy Stops Copy-Trade process that you are already on.

/cancel_Attachment Stops on-going wallet address attachment process.

/cancel_buysell Stops on-going buy or sell process.

/cancel_transfer Stops on-going transfer transaction process.

/cancel_rename Stops on-going copy-trade profile rename process.

/cancel_sniper Stops on-going sniping transaction process.

/cancel_preset Stops on-going wallet configuration process.

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